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My advice to a friend who might be posting inappropriate things online would be that it is very dangerous to do these things. If they are posting things like their phone number and address I would tell them that people can track them down and stalk them or hurt them. If they are posting inappropriate pictures I would explain to them that it is not right to do those things and that they should keep stuff like that in the privacy of their own home and to keep it off the internet. If they were posting things about other people I would tell them that they could get in a lot of trouble for that. You can get arrested for that because it is called bullying or defamation of character.

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One week of Twitter

On my one week of twitter I learned a lot. I learned how to set up a twitter account and all about twitter.  It allows people to post what they are doing at anytime during the day. You can follow people and get their posts and people can follow you and get your posts. You can also tag people in your post and people can tag you. You can respond to peoples post and they can respond to yours. You can tag multiple people in posts and also tag objects. Some people post about really important world events while some people post about stupid pointless things. Most people, however, post about what they are doing at that moment or what they are going to do for the rest of the day or week. For me twitter wasn’t really something that I wanted to do. I always twitter was kind of stupid so I got a facebook instead. So for this one week it was very hard for me to remember to keep updating my twitter. I also didn’t reply to any of my classmates post because I forgot about it. It was very interesting when I did get on twitter though. It was kind of like facebook and its status updates. By the end of the week I was done with twitter and decided that facebook was the place for me. No offense to anyone who really likes twitter. It just isn’t the right type of online community for me.

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Blog Review

In this blog they are writing about an article that is written on selling abortion. They are talk about legalization of abortion in 1973. They have a newspaper insert about Michigan in 1973 and how voters said no to abortion in the first 5 months of a pregnancy and in North Dakota 77% said no to something that was very similar. Apparently a gallup poll in 1972 showed 66% of all Americans oppose abortion.

This blog tells about when Georgia Southern Played the Bulldogs in 2008. It has an article from the AJC:

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Greenville, S.C. — Georgia Southern coach Chris Hatcher said a smaller school has two options when playing a nationally recognized school from a major conference: “gimmick things up” and try to trick your way through or run “base stuff” and try to get better.

Hatcher, whose team faces such a challenge in its Aug. 30 opener against Georgia, hasn’t made that decision. And while Hatcher — who enjoys throwing a little razzle-dazzle in the gameplan — isn’t likely to go crazy, he’ll do whatever gives his team the best chance to compete.

“When we load up the busses on the 29th and when toe meets leather on the 30th, we’re going to expect to win the game,” Hatcher said at the Southern Conference’s preseason meetings. “If we don’t think we’re going to win, there’s no need to play the game.

“If I don’t believe we can win, you won’t see me on the sideline. Now, it’s not the 30th yet, but I plan to be there. You always play to win and that’s how we’re approaching it.”

The idea might be more plausible under different circumstances. Georgia is expected to be a top-five team, while Georgia Southern has been picked by the coaches to finish fourth in the Southern Conference.

“It’s a daunting task when you play up a level,” Hatcher said. “And when you play a team like Georgia it’s even more daunting. And when half of your team are freshmen (27 true freshman, 25 redshirt freshmen) it’s even more daunting.”

Daunting? Certainly. Exciting? Absolutely, say two of the team’s seniors.

“It’s a great source of motivation,” said senior defensive back Chris Covington. “We want to be the best team in the country and what better way can you do that than by playing the best team in the country.”

Dio Herrera, a senior offensive lineman, said, “Opening up against one of the best teams in the country will set the tone for the rest of the season. We’ll see the best athletes, hear the loudest crowd we’ll hear all year. I think it’s good that it’s the first game.”

Hatcher deflected the notion that Georgia Southern could accomplish what conference brethren Appalachian State did a year ago when it defeated Michigan. Appalachian State was coming off a national championship — and wound up repeating — and had the sort of experience and speed needed to compete at a higher level. Georgia Southern will start with a new quarterback, as well as a new set of backs and linemen.

“We’re building,” Hatcher said. “We’re working our way up.”

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About me

My name is Caitlin Wadford, I’m 19 and a student at Georgia Southern. I love writing and singing.

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